We keep growing!

Good day all!

It is with great honor, pleasure and excitement to announce two new arrivals towards our community. These stories are unique and we all look forward to their adventures. Without further delay, let me introduce you to them!


Set in 2175, the Coalition Starship Talas is a Suurok-class science vessel and combat cruiser under the command of Commander T’Kal. Her crew represents the best and brightest to come out of the Coalition Fleet Academy on Coridan.

Welcome to the crew of the Talas! This ship is under command of Taral81424 and will be joining the Star Trek group in RPG Writing!

USS Medea

The USS Medea is a scientific exploration vessel, setup for finding the strange and unusual in the Delta Quadrant. The crew, hand-picked for their expertise in their given fields, have the same curiosity as their commanding officer. The Medea is assigned to the Delta Quadrant the Medea is set to go into the areas that are unexplored, find the planets that have yet to be scanned, research the things that make the Delta Quadrant tick. Diplomacy is, of course, part of the equation when necessary.

Welcome to the crew of the USS Medea. This ship is under command of KrisK and will be joining The Citadel group in RPG Writing.