Star Trek

USS America (TMP Era)

The year is 2296. The U.S.S. America NCC-1776-A is the last of the Constitution-class line of starships. Under the command of Captain Kelly Jean O’Connor, the ship helps form the backbone of the infrastructure of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.

USS Horizon (Alternate Universe – TOS Era)

What do you get when you cross Firefly with Star Trek? You get the USS Horizon! Horizon is the ship that was briefly mentioned as lost in “A Piece of the Action,” in the Original Series of Star Trek. Horizon was lost in 2168 shortly after departing Sigma Iotia II but not destroyed as Kirk assumed. Horizon was transported to another galaxy (far, far away – OK, there’s no Star Wars in this game).

Horizon starts in a time when the United Federation of Planets is very new, just after the Earth-Romulan War. This is a time of optimism and exploration. However, when it is lost, Horizon is damaged and looking for resources and allies. The Captain, Gary Alexander, has privately given up on any chance of returning home but for the sake of the morale of the crew, continues to assert that they are searching for a way back.

USS Legacy (NuTrek Era)

The USS Legacy, a ship that was reconstructed from the remnants of ships that had been destroyed by Nero at Vulcan (now a black hole). Legacy is one of the new Constitution class starships and is set to launch on July 4, 2261. With much of the fleet having been destroyed at Vulcan and the top brass having been injured or killed by Khan, Starfleet is in dire need of recruits. Many officers are either inexperienced or are being brought out of the classroom to fill in the personnel gap. Legacy is no exception. Its Captain, Cynthia Lynette Jackson, is a mere 30 years old. Starfleet teachers are returning to the field. And there are ensigns galore, all over the ship.

This is our five year mission to seek out new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before!

Faltan Station (Nemesis Era)

Early 2388 saw Vice Admiral Anin relocate Task Force 93’s headquarters from Faltan Station to Providence Shipyards. This change left Faltan Station surplus to requirements. A small administrative team was left in part of the station with the rest of the station being shutdown as it was no longer required.

Over the course of 2388 and the beginning of 2389 saw a change in power in both the Klingon and Romulan Empires. The Sovereignty Of Kahless grew larger and is close to pushing the Klingon High Council into Civil War. The Free Romulan Movement has also gained momentum in the last year, solidifying the Romulan Government at Rator III to combat the emerging threat to their empire.

With this in mind, Starfleet felt a presence along the eastern edge of the Raeyan Transit Corridor was once again needed.

The new Task Force 93 Commanding Officer Admiral Banda started drawing up a list of candidates to command Faltan Station. After a process that yielded a short list of candidates, Captain Horatio Refelian was choose to reconstitute and Command Faltan Station.

When Captain Refelian decided to retire and return to Earth, he chose his Executive Officer, Commander Abigail “Mint” Prescott to take his place.

Do you think you have what it takes to help get Faltan Station back to its former glory?

USS Hawaii (Nemesis Era)

Newly commissioned in 2388, the Hawaii is a Sovereign Class Starship operating in the Third Fleet, also known as The Citadel Expedition.

The USS Hawaii is tasked with providing security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism by Starfleet. Federation President Nanietta Bacco commissioned the new vessel to help combat the Gorn invasion at Cestus and Canterra.

The USS Hawaii is currently en route to Providence Fleet Yards (PFY) after completing the Canterra Campaign, which concluded the Gorn War of 2389.

Providence Fleet Yards (Nemesis Era)

Providence Fleet Yards (PFY) is the Headquarters for Starfleet’s Third Fleet, tasked with The Citadel Expedition, under the command of Vice Admiral Yewande Banda. The AOR for Third Fleet is the Beta Quadrant.

ISS Bismarck Banner

ISS Bismarck (Mirror Universe – TOS Era)

The ISS Bismarck is one of 13 Constitution class star ships that are tasked with expanding the Empire and maintaining order and terror for the Emperor. Join today and help to secure tomorrow for the Terran Empire! Long Live The EMPIRE!

ISS Yamato

ISS Yamato (Mirror Universe – NuTrek Era)

ISS Yamato is a Galaxy Class Terran Battleship set in the Kelvin Mirror Universe in the year 2369. Yamato is one of the Terran Fleet’s most modern and powerful Battleships. She is tasked with various assignments from quelling opposition to the empire to expanding and invading into neighboring territory.

Unlike other Mirror Universe Sims, the Yamato is set in a future Kelvin Mirror Universe, a time and universe that has yet to have any thing written about it. Yamato is to be the first story of this universe following the ISS Kelvin’s destruction at the hands of Nero and Kirk’s destruction of the Narada with the ISS Enterprise NCC-1701. If you’re into a darker themed Star Trek, this is the place for you.

USS Pioneer: Project Delta (Nemesis Era)

This sim takes place in the Delta quadrant, at the beginning of Starfleet’s exploration initiative for the Delta by a Task Force of 10 starships. Their base of operations will be the asteroid colony of the Talaxians Voyager encountered prior to getting home. The Task Force arrives and we will assist with their move to a new world as our first mission. This sim will be following up on most of the Voyager series episodes and exploring what may be the current state of the Delta quadrant after Voyager’s influence.

The Federation Council is interested in learning about the state of affairs going on in Delta since Voyager’s return to the Federation 20 years ago. The council wants to form diplomatic ties including trading pacts with those races Voyager had successful First Contact with. The second primary reason the council authorised this mission is to fix all the issues Voyager’s crew caused and maybe investigate the Borg Collective’s current status and activities since Voyager’s report of destroying the unacomplex that housed the Queen and one of six Transwarp hubs on their way back to Earth.

Along with the Federation Expeditionary Task Force, a small Merchant Marine and Colonial convoy would initiate all the trading side of things while Starfleet will be supervising and working towards diplomatic relations while the rest of the explorer purposed starships in the group survey the unknown and re-evaluate the known space Voyager passed through.

USS Trident banner

USS Trident (Alternate Universe – TMP Era)

In 2293, the Federation opened peace talks with the Klingon Empire after the Klingon moon Praxis exploded due to heavy mining.

However, while the Enterprise escorted Chancellor Gorkon through Federation space, two Federation assassins disabled the Chancellor’s ship, Kronos One, and beamed aboard and killed Gorkon.

Gorkon’s daughter, Azetbur, was named Chancellor and wanted to push through peace talks with the Federation. This was a ploy to get the Federation President into the open so she could avenge her father’s death.

Once the Klingons assassinated the Federation President, they quickly withdrew from Khitomer and Chancellor Azetbur declared war on the Federation.

Now, the year is 2296 and the war continues. Starfleet has taken heavy losses but the Klingon Empire continues to push into Federation held territory.

Captain Felix Rollins and the crew of the USS Trident must do everything in their power to halt the Klingon advance and begin to drive the Klingon Empire back before Starfleet has no option but to surrender….

Palais de la Concorde banner

Palais de la Concorde (Nemesis Era)

Palais de la Concorde is a play-by-forum political simulation in the Star Trek universe for the United Federation of Planets. Members join as Federation Councillors and simulate the government of the Federation within the shared Star Trek universe of RPG Writing, writing legislation, conducting press conferences, and maybe even running for President one day.

Palais de la Concorde occurs in the year 2389 post-Nemesis. President Nanietta Bacco from Articles of Federation served as President from 2384-2388 and then President Jarul Bezar, a Trill, was elected to succeed her in 2387. In 2388, the Gorn initiated the latest Gorn War which only recently ended at the start of 2389. Faced with mounting political pressure with the way the Gorn War was initially handled along with the continuing Klingon Civil War and a resurgent Romulan Empire, President Bezar resigned amidst health problems with her symbiont, necessitating a new Federation President.

The Council is currently in session as the Campaign for the next President is kicking off!

USS Kumari banner

USS Kumari (Nemesis Era)

It’s been six months since the USS Kumari fought the Romulans and rescued Captain Colburn from a Romulan prison. However, the crew were lucky to get out of Romulan space alive and the Luna Class vessel was heavily damaged.

With the ship dry docked for extensive repairs the Kumari crew dispersed. Some moved to different assignments, others took a well earned break. Captain Colburn spent the time healing both physically and mentally after his brutal treatment at the hands of the Tal Shiar.

Now, Captain Jack Colburn has been given a clean bill of health and put back on the active duty list. His new assignment is to continue working with the Klingon empire against the Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK), who still pose a great threat against the Empire as well the Federation. With his old ship still years away from being back in service, Starfleet decided to make a bold statement and give Colburn the newest ship of the line, an Odyssey Class vessel, with special dispensation to name her USS Kumari.

With extra resources at his disposal, Captain Colburn and the crew of the USS Kumari can make a stand against the Sovereignty of Kahless and help Chancellor Martok make the Empire whole once again.


Piltover & Zaun

Piltover & Zaun

The best and worst of humanity collide between Piltover and Zaun, two steampunk cities in a merchant world. Zaun and Piltover were once united, but are now separate, yet symbiotic societies. Though it exists in perpetual smogged twilight, Zaun thrives, its people vibrant and its culture rich. Piltover’s wealth has allowed Zaun to develop in tandem; a dark mirror of the city above. Many of the goods coming to Piltover find their way into Zaun’s black markets, and hextech inventors who find the restrictions placed upon them in the city above too restrictive often find their dangerous researches welcomed in Zaun.