Our community values the most important two elements in the history RPG, its players, and their stories! So if you are a well-seasoned veteran writer or just found this kind of game style today, we welcome you all to RPG Writing.

On this page, you will be guided in short and best practice way on how to navigate on our website. If you have additional questions, we do encourage you to join our Discord!

How to sign up as a player

You don’t require to write a script, do a video interview or present yourself before a group of 20 people. No, you simply go to our group’s page and look at what we have to offer. The page gives a brief description of what the many writing groups are about and if you click on their name you be redirected to their website. Did it catch your attention? Super! Just sign up for a position they have available and the Game Manager will come back to you as soon as he can.


  • Write your application in word, then copy it over to the website application page. This prevents plausibly lost of information!
  • Join their discord, get to know the crew in advance and see if it’s your place to be.
  • Don’t be shy to ask questions, we are here to help and answer any questions you have about our community.

To join us as Game Manager

Did not find your type of game and wish to bring in your awesome idea? Or maybe you like the community so much you wish to join as a Game Manager? Maybe you like to contribute to a group that has an interesting setting? It is of course possible to join RPG Writing as a Game Manager!

To sign up for Game Manager you need to head over to Game Manager Application page. There you will find a form that requires some questions to be filled. The questions are to give the GM Council an insight of what your concept is about and if we have some additional questions we shall ask, if there are no question or problems with the concept then we as GM Council will vote to let you join our community as Game Manager.


  • Join RPG Writing Discord, use the channel #sim-ideas to get some feedback on your idea.
  • Write a good 250 words sim concept, why? Because then the GM Council will gain a better
    • Add some missions to it
    • Explain how your story is going to develop
  • First time doing this? Do not fear! We are a friendly community that always wishes to help. If it’s in graphics, stories or websites support. We are here for our members!

An open community

RPG Writing can be classified as an open community as you are free to engage in wonderful discussions that are our passion, writing and everything linked to it. If you wish to engage with our community, then you are free to do so.

  • Wish to know what is going in our community, check out our News page! That is the fastest route to know what is going on currently
  • Want to chat with the members? That is possible by joining our community Discord.
  • Are you a Wiki Guru, Master PHP Coder or even a talent for drawing portrays? Then you can always offer help to our community!