Please Pardon Our Dust

Oh, my God! What is this? A third post in two days? How can this be?

Well, I admit that we do not post a lot in RPG Writing. I am one human being and frankly enjoy tagging, posting, and creating much more than posting on our website. Anyone that wants to assist in those duties (hint, hint) is welcome to contact me or the council and we would be happy to consider you for helping our team!

After having received a 2020 Squiddie and being declared dead by an infamous group, I thought that a little Autumn cleaning was in order. I had started off by clearing out sims that were either dead or no longer with us. Of course, because technologically, I’m not savvy, I had accidentally deleted some banners and sims that I should not have.

I then enlisted some aid to create banners from sims that needed them. Thank you to Azmaria for that assistance. They, to my eye, look nice and added a fresh look for our sims.

Look at our website. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you don’t like. Let me know how we can make it better. After all, RPG Writing is not for me, it is for all writers and gamers. I want this site to be something that everyone is proud of and easy for people to navigate. After gathering information, we will happily make more changes.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone likes what has been done so far. Thank you for being a part of our sims/games and RPG Writing!