For the Dominion!

The GM Council is proud to announce the acceptance of the very first Elder Scrolls simulation named Dominion Chronicles under the leadership of Khamnin. We are looking forward to seeing the stories of the Dominion Chronicles rise!

In the world of Nirn from the Elder Scrolls franchise. This particular simulation will be set in the Interregnum period, a time after the demise of the Second Empire and before the rise of the Third Empire. More specifically towards the end of the Three Banners War- a war between three different alliances, who in themselves, was comprised of three different provinces and governments.

Before the Queen of the Dominion, Ayrenn, was brutally assassinated, she made a decree that all outsiders- whether they are an Aldmeri Dominion citizen or not would be allowed within their homeland for the first time in eons. Not everyone liked this change, and after the Queen fell the realm was thrown into chaos. Those who rejected the idea of “lesser” beings stepping foot on their soil started to hunt down outsiders. The Summerset Isles split into eight different kingdoms, with each major city holding land. Tensions are at an all-time high and with Goldbrand in the center of it all.