Do you need a reliable roleplay community that values their members, the stories they are telling and have the interest to contribute your story to it?

What is RPG Writing?

RPG Writing is a place that provides a safe harbor for players that love to write stories in any kind of genre. RPG Writing originally became live in 2014 under the leadership of Amanda Rose, who had the desire to bring some of his games together. However, the idea of RPG Writing came to a halt and stayed on ice until 2019.

Due to former conflicts, a band of Game Managers returned back to this concept. RPG Writing main goal is to provide a non-hostile and diverse community that welcomes all players of any kind. The group is guided by the GM Council, basically, if you are a Game Manager you have a say in the direction and policy of the group in the best interest of the players.

So what do we offer?

Our current offer can be found on the group’s page. As stated before, we welcome any kind of genre and if you don’t see your kind of game and wish to start something in say Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, you can do so by going to our GM Application page.