Dial her up

Over the past few months, we have had quite the rollercoaster effect in our little group….well as Worf would say “Little?”, yes we currently have 27 sims in our group and our members are using the #sims-ideas channel greatly! But to keep you up to speed of our latest development in RPGW, here is an update 😉

Stargate Vanguard

After the defeat of the Goa’uld System Lords and the Ori in the early 2000s, Stargate Command established many bases throughout the galaxy. Mostly listening posts watching for any other threats to the Tau’ri and Earth. With the help of Atlantis’ computer of addresses, the universe has opened up, and other galaxies are being explored. Even with all the exploring of other galaxies continues, someone has to stay in the Milky Way to keep an eye out for threats.

The SGC establishes Vanguard base on the planet, PJC-721. This base is tasked with keeping a lookout for threats and explore from the far regions of the Milky Way.

Unannounced to them, on their first excursion through the Stargate, they awaken a new and dangerous enemy.

Under the command of Lt Colonel Joshua Vatta, Vanguard base is the first line of defense to this new threat.

Though they are not cut off from Earth, they will have their share of struggles, and their share of victories.

Yes! We are proud to have JFiddle join us in the GM Council with the Stargate Vanguard group! When the GMC received this wonderful concept, we are all thrilled to have the group with us 😀 We are looking forward to their adventures in the Stargate universe!

GM Council Updates

Now the council has not been sitting back and doing nothing. We are working hard behind the screens to make RPGW a great group to play in and feel safe. We value our members greatly and we can’t say it enough, but thank you for being with us <3 now for the updates:

  • The GMC agreed on the policy edit of GMC Members going inactive in their duties on the council. This can be reflected in Article V, Section B, Part 5.
  • The GMC agreed to add additional roles in the discord to reflect the GMC membership better.
    • GM Council (Active voting member)
    • GM Advisory (Non-voting active member)
    • GM (In-active GMC member, but active GM)
  • The GMC agreed on the policy edit of Recorded Secretary going on LOA, a temporary replacement is voted on by the GMC.
  • The GMC agreed on the form edit of GM Application. To better reflect the difference between New and Existing RPG groups.
  • The GMC agreed on the creation of a Newsletter and that this shall fall under the duties of the Public Relations Manager.
  • The GMC agreed on the policy edit of GM Request for one extension period in the discussion phase. This can be reflected in Article VI, Section C, Part 2, bullet 4.
  • The GMC agreed on the policy edit of Non-sim admission issues to be changed from 48 hours to 72 hours in the discussion phase. This can be reflected in Article VI, Section C, Part 2.