GM Council

Per the Articles of Organization, the following people are a member of the GM Council.

Amanda RoseOther, Star TrekMay, 2019GMC, RS
BeemanThe CitadelMay, 2019GMC
GleinThe CitadelJune 2019GM
BellaStar TrekJune 2019GM
JFiddleOtherJuly 2019GMA
JoanThe CitadelJune 2019GMC
KhamninOtherJune 2019GMA
KriskThe CitadelJune 2019GMA
MajaThe CitadelMay , 2019GMA
RachThe CitadelMay, 2019GMC
RaWolfeThe CitadelMay, 2019GM
Sam17101OtherMay, 2019GMC
SteveClaypoleStar Trek, The CitadelMay, 2019GMC, PRM
Star GeekStar TrekMay, 2019GMC
Taral81424Star TrekMay, 2019GMA


  • Members whom MEMBER SINCE is bold are considered a founding member.
  • Members with the role of GM are not member of the Game Manager Council, but as stated in Articles of Organization, have the right to return the GM Council.
  • Members with the role of GMA are the non-voting members of the council, yet got advisory rights. But as stated in Articles of Organization, will have full voting rights after 2 months.
  • Members with the role of GMC got full voting and advisory rights.
  • Members with PRM, TM or RS behind their name are non-voting members, but support RPGW in their respected roles. These roles can be filled by GMC/GMA members.