Welcome to Ataraxis, Dryad and Icarus

Good day!

It has been quite a hectic few weeks, but we are getting there and we are growing! The GM Council is glad to announce the welcome of three unique and great RPG settings to RPG Writing. We are looking to their adventures 😀

Ataraxis (Star Trek)

The Federation is a vast space, filled with many worlds, and many people in it go unnoticed. They aren’t ambassadors or Starfleet officers. They’re just people, trying to live their lives and doing so in relative obscurity. Yet there are those that aren’t meant to be background noise or cookie-cutter characters doing the same thing every day. That’s where the story of the Ataraxis begins.

Dryad Wood (Fantasy)

the legend was that this town was built by a human and elf charmed or coerced by a dryad. Half-elves will be dominant here but so will humans and elves

USS Icarus (Star Trek)

Twenty two years ago the USS Enterprise-C, under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett, disappeared while defending the Klingon Colony on Narendra III from attack by four Romulan warbirds.

The Colony was destroyed. All lives were lost. The Klingon Empire believed the Enterprise-C fled the battle to save themselves. This dishonourable act plunged the Federation and Klingon Empire into a long bloody war.

Now, the Federation is on the brink of losing. While the Klingons celebrate the destruction of the USS Enterprise-D, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, to one of their elite battle groups, the Federation scrambles for a new plan of attack.

An all out battle, ship to ship, is no longer possible. New tactics are needed. The next ship off the production line, a Steamrunner Class, is dedicated to guerilla tactics.

Named the USS Icarus, its crew is hand-picked for a specialist skill set and a mission of vital importance to the survival of the Federation — stop the Klingon War machine by whatever means necessary.

Captain Lukas Fredricks is assigned to command the mission. With the weight of the Federation on his shoulders, his crew must do what they can at any cost to keep hope alive.