Support Roles Vacancy

RPGW seeks your help!

Good day all!

Over the past few weeks, the GM Council have been working hard to get this wonderful community up and running. From getting our website setup to having actually fun again in our own stories. We have seen various game managers and players join our little group, and truth to be told we are very grateful to have you with us!

Now we have grown from 7 writing groups to 27 writing groups over the past few months. This takes quite some time of our current members and we like to get some more support in this matter. Therefore we have added Bylaw 12 – Support Roles.

This bylaw allows us to gain additional support in the administrative and operational tasks that RPGW requires to keep things running. But what is actually expected in these roles? We created an additional page named Support Roles to explain the description of these roles.

Interested? Awesome!

If it has drawn your interest? And do you want to join our little adventure in making RPGW a strong, friendly and great community then you are most welcome to sign up! Below you will find the links to the application pages of each position. In Discord, a channel will be created named #support-roles that will also give the above information, but it’s read-only! Got questions, please send one of the GM Council (gold colored) a DM or ask in #general for additional questions.

The roles

Anyone that is currently active RPGW member can sign up for these roles. An active member means that you are either active on one of the RPGW sims or you are a GM with RPGW. The application period is from 11-07-2019 19:30 GMT+1 till 18-07-2019 19:30 GMT +1, to give everyone a fair chance to apply. The following roles are open:

In name of the GM Council, we thank you again for all your love and support for being with us and we shall work hard to keep our community safe and fun.

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