Banning of Poison a/k/a MissyKiller a/k/a GG from RPGW Discord

Today was a sad day in RPG Writing. For the first time, I exercised the Emergency Powers granted by Article IV of the RPG Writing Articles of Organization. I banned Poison from the RPG Writing Discord due to Poison trying to damage RPG Writing’s image within its own discord. Poison had made several other derogatory remarks in the past and Poison was discouraged from making those comments again. He/she also had been rejected from running a sim in RPG Writing (and thus joining the council), 15 months prior. Before that, we were aware that he was banned from Bravo Fleet before the Vince takeover.

As many of you know, RPG Writing was formed, most of the founders were originally members of Bravo Fleet. Consequently, we are and were very sensitive to unjust bans and retaliatory behavior. While most of us believed that the ban of GG/MissyKiller (now Poison) was correct, RPG Writing was meant to be a place of openness, second chances, and freedom from oligarchies feeling the need to control sims and simmers. Therefore, while we were leery of GG/MissyKiller/Poison, we had no reason to ban him/her. And, for two years, GG/MissyKiller/Poison has been relatively quiet, though he/she never joined a sim.

Unfortunately, as of late, he has been slandering the RPG Writing group, sims, and council. Consequently, we had little recourse but to ban him from the discord. This action has been ratified by the RPG Council by a majority vote.

Hopefully, this will be the first and last time that any of us have to exercise these powers. We want everyone in RPG Writing to have a positive experience and feel free to express themselves in their sims in any way they choose. Please feel free to contact me or any other of the council if you have any concerns. We are here for you. We could not exist without you.

Thank you again for being a part of RPG Writing!