USS Pioneer: Project Delta

Welcome Our Newest Sim: USS Caelian

RPG Writing is happy to welcome our newest sim, the USS Caelian! It will be joining the shared Trek story group of the 3rd Fleet.

Its website is located at and its discord is located at . Come one, come all and join our newest ship!

Caelian takes place in the year is 2390. One year after Starfleet returned to Hawkeye Island, we find Commander Matthew Alexander still in command. As he is sitting behind his desk reading morning reports, he receives a message from Starfleet Command. The ship his younger brother served on as Executive Officer has been declared missing with all hands in the Shankleton Expanse. Sadness feels Matt but he soon receives a communication directly from Vice Admiral Yewande Banda. He is being summoned to Providence Shipyards for a reassignment. There he learns that he has been promoted to Captain and assigned as the commanding officer for the new USS Caelian, Vesta class starship. The USS Caelian is equip with Quantum Slipstream Drive, High Resolution Sensors, Cetacean Operations, an Advanced Sickbay, and secondary warp reactor. Soon he assembles his crew and starts out on a shakedown cruise which will take them to Faltan Station. Enroute, Matt receives a communication about the possible whereabouts of the missing USS Shanghai, but time is running out and the information will run cold soon. Matt must make a decision whether to follow orders or use the Caelian’s QSD to travel to the location and investigate.