USS Pioneer: Project Delta

Welcome Our Newest Sim: USS Ermiana

RPG Writing is happy to welcome our newest sim, the USS Ermiana! The USS Ermiana comes over to us after leaving Pegasus Fleet. It is a fully manned crew and we are looking forward to its continuing adventures in RPG Writing. Its website is located at . Come one, come all and join our newest ship!

The year is 2371, the “Cold War” between The United Federation of Planets and The Dominion has begun. One year ago, the Federation Starship USS Odyssey was destroyed by The Dominion as a show of force to the Federation that they will no longer tolerate incursions into their space.

The Ermiana, a brand new Galaxy Class Starship, launches in this time of uneasy peace. The Galaxy has never seen a threat like The Dominion, since the Borg Invasion of 2367, four years ago when 39 Starships were destroyed in The Battle of Wolf 359. Now, the Federation faces the Dominion and decreasing relations from the Cardassian Union and Klingon Empire.

Will you be part of History? Welcome to the Ermiana, one Starship which will face it all.