RPG Writing Focuses on Characters, Creates Awards Program, and Removes GM Reporting Requirement

The GM Council passed amendments to Bylaws 6 & 7, announcing a new awards program to recognize our writers and characters.

At the same time, RPG Writing removed requirements for GMs to send in a monthly report, opting to passively observe and enforce activity requirements.

“This change really removes a chore that was largely ministerial and a holdover from other fleet operations. Here at RPG Writing, we’re different and decided to take the GM Report and glean that information in other ways,” noted beeman, a member of the GM Council.

Additionally, as other fleets have announced changes with Star Trek: Picard, RPG Writing remains committed to allow GMs to craft their own universe and determine the canon of their own sims.

For sims that wish to write in a collaborative environment, or a shared universe, RPG Writing created Third Fleet, with details to be announced shortly.

The new umbrella fleet will be IC only, as RPG Writing emphasizes that ranks and fleet positions have no place out of character.

“We’re all equal as players and as GMs on the GM Council,” beeman remarked.

Even with the shared universe concept, RPG Writing will still give GMs the leeway to determine their parameters for their sim such as specifications, presence of marines, etc.

“We’re creating the freedom for GMs and writers alike to flourish in a welcome community that really leaves the ability to write lore up to our writers.”

In the same vein, RPG Writing has launched a new feature on the front page of its website where characters of RPG Writing’s sims will be featured.