RPG Writing Bylaw Changes

RPG Writing was created to allow individuals the most individuality and openness for the most creativity in their writing or simming experience. In an effort to expand RPG Writing and to make RPG Writing as user friendly as possible, the GM Council voted to amend the bylaws in two very important ways.

GM Advertising – One Off Sims

An issue came to the Council regarding one off sims. After discussion, the Council noticed that in our current bylaws, no player could advertise on the discord or other RPG Writing sites for non-RPG Writing sims. However, there was no such prohibition for GMs. Normally, sims would have to go through the approval process of 48 hours discussion and then a vote to become an RPG Writing sim. To allow for these one-offs, the council created the following bylaw in the GM section:

“7. Game Managers may use the RPG Writing Discord channel or other RPG Writing venues to recruit for sims/games for approved sims by the GM Council.”

Now, all GMs may seek approval of a one off sim/game in the normal manner. Once approved, the GM may advertise the sim/game using the RPG Writing discord channels regardless of whether the sim is officially designated an RPG Writing sim/game.

Reducing Rule Making

Furthermore, to promote the greatest amount of flexibility to RPG Writing community members and to allow for advertising of non-RPG Writing events that periodically come up in the community, the GM Council voted to approve the following, new Bylaw 13, which states:

“Anything not explicitly addressed in the bylaws or articles may be approved upon majority vote of the GMC without the necessity of amendment of the bylaws or articles.”

In approving this bylaw, the GM Council removed the necessity of day to day rule making and only needs to approve more fundamental matters in the articles or bylaws.

In short, here, at RPG Writing, the writing and the sims are all about our members and we are attempting to continue to put the most power and control in the hands of our GMs. We know that this will go a long way to continue achieving those goals!