USS Pioneer: Project Delta

USS Pioneer: Project Delta (Star Trek)

This sim takes place in the Delta quadrant, at the beginning of Starfleet’s exploration initiative for the Delta by a Task Force of 10 starships. Their base of operations will be the asteroid colony of the Talaxians Voyager encountered prior to getting home. The Task Force arrives and we will assist with their move to a new world as our first mission. This sim will be following up on most of the Voyager series episodes and exploring what may be the current state of the Delta quadrant after Voyager’s influence.

The Federation Council is interested in learning about the state of affairs going on in Delta since Voyager’s return to the Federation 20 years ago. The council wants to form diplomatic ties including trading pacts with those races Voyager had successful First Contact with. The second primary reason the council authorised this mission is to fix all the issues Voyager’s crew caused and maybe investigate the Borg Collective’s current status and activities since Voyager’s report of destroying the unacomplex that housed the Queen and one of six Transwarp hubs on their way back to Earth.

Along with the Federation Expeditionary Task Force, a small Merchant Marine and Colonial convoy would initiate all the trading side of things while Starfleet will be supervising and working towards diplomatic relations while the rest of the explorer purposed starships in the group survey the unknown and re-evaluate the known space Voyager passed through.