USS Kumari banner

USS Kumari (Star Trek)

It’s been six months since the USS Kumari fought the Romulans and rescued Captain Colburn from a Romulan prison. However, the crew were lucky to get out of Romulan space alive and the Luna Class vessel was heavily damaged.

With the ship dry docked for extensive repairs the Kumari crew dispersed. Some moved to different assignments, others took a well earned break. Captain Colburn spent the time healing both physically and mentally after his brutal treatment at the hands of the Tal Shiar.

Now, Captain Jack Colburn has been given a clean bill of health and put back on the active duty list. His new assignment is to continue working with the Klingon empire against the Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK), who still pose a great threat against the Empire as well the Federation. With his old ship still years away from being back in service, Starfleet decided to make a bold statement and give Colburn the newest ship of the line, an Odyssey Class vessel, with special dispensation to name her USS Kumari.

With extra resources at his disposal, Captain Colburn and the crew of the USS Kumari can make a stand against the Sovereignty of Kahless and help Chancellor Martok make the Empire whole once again.