USS Horizon (Star Trek)

What do you get when you cross Firefly with Star Trek? You get the USS Horizon! Horizon is the ship that was briefly mentioned as lost in “A Piece of the Action,” in the Original Series of Star Trek. Horizon was lost in 2168 shortly after departing Sigma Iotia II but not destroyed as Kirk assumed. Horizon was transported to another galaxy (far, far away – OK, there’s no Star Wars in this game).

Horizon starts in a time when the United Federation of Planets is very new, just after the Earth-Romulan War. This is a time of optimism and exploration. However, when it is lost, Horizon is damaged and looking for resources and allies. The Captain, Gary Alexander, has privately given up on any chance of returning home but for the sake of the morale of the crew, continues to assert that they are searching for a way back.