Piltover & Zaun

Piltover & Zaun (Aetherpunk)

Don your industrial rags or the wildest couture getup you can imagine  – you are about to enter the cultural hot-spot of innovation, the merchant twin cities known infamously as Piltover and Zaun.

Zaun’s iron industry is painted in corrosion with damp glass panes that glow like beacons in perpetual twilight, while Piltover’s glittering utopia towers up and over their ancestral home in clear air and unfiltered light.

Both are cities of industry and progress, where the greatest minds have flocked to be celebrated among the richest, talented, and most driven souls in the world.

The industries of affluent clansmen and filthy rich chem-barons are booming. Piltover keeps most riff-raff pressed under their white-gloved thumb; you’ll find their streets outwardly peaceful, thanks to their governing council’s vigilence. The depths of lawless Zaun however are rife with excitement and terrors, as literally anything goes when someone can profit.

You’ll explore the differences between Piltover and Zaun through the eyes of your character as you dive into a world of revelry, mad science, and political intrigue. Your faction allies will take you through wild places, from underground fight clubs and drug dens, to suspended jungle gardens imprisoned behind shimmering glass, to a sky harbor teeming with daredevil celebrity pilots.

This setting is a hodge-podge fusion of moments in time where humanity surged to great heights, breaking down barriers into uncharted territories of imagination. As you forge your way deeper into the depths of this world, take inspiration from history, but do not lean too close to it for this roleplay setting.

Piltover and Zaun are the Italian Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance. The Lost Generation of Paris 1920s. The romance of 20th century Post War. They are the opulence of Victorian steampunk. They are the grit of 1980s cyberpunk. They are primed for a civil uprising like the those we’ve seen from every century since the beginning of recorded time. Complexly textured and dynamic, this world is sexy and dangerous. It is our airship soaring through mixed genre clouded skies.

This is an aetherpunk setting: steampunk + a bit of “hand-wavery” magic. You’ll hear our community members throw out other fiction-punk descriptors to describe our mish-mash genre: biopunk, clockpunk, cyberpunk, decopunk, dieselpunk, and steampunk are all similar in that they are sci-fi fantasy worlds that creatively ask and answer “What if…”

Gatekeeping barriers are gone in the infancy of this project – we want you to join us as soon as you’re ready. No combat meter. No character application. This is a freeform roleplay environment that you can join today.

The influence of Piltover and Zaun is on the rise, and nothing will slow us down. The world as we know it is changing with new explorers standing at the helm to take the wheel.