ISS Yamato

ISS Yamato joins the group, exploring a new side of Trek

Welcome to CMDRE Nathan Russ, CO of the ISS Yamato!

ISS Yamato is a Galaxy Class Terran Battleship set in the Kelvin Mirror Universe in the year 2369. Yamato is one of the Terran Fleet’s most modern and powerful Battleships. She is tasked with various assignments from quelling opposition to the empire to expanding and invading into neighboring territory.

Unlike other Mirror Universe Sims, the Yamato is set in a future Kelvin Mirror Universe, a time and universe that has yet to have any thing written about it. Yamato is to be the first story of this universe following the ISS Kelvin’s destruction at the hands of Nero and Kirk’s destruction of the Narada with the ISS Enterprise NCC-1701. If you’re into a darker themed Star Trek, this is the place for you.