Are you ready to be the next President?

Now is your chance with Palais de la Concorde!

Palais de la Concorde is a play-by-forum political simulation in the Star Trek universe for the United Federation of Planets. Members join as Federation Councillors and simulate the government of the Federation within the shared Star Trek universe of RPG Writing, writing legislation, conducting press conferences, and maybe even running for President one day.

Palais de la Concorde occurs in the year 2389 post-Nemesis. President Nanietta Bacco from Articles of Federation served as President from 2384-2388 and then President Jarul Bezar, a Trill, was elected to succeed her in 2387. In 2388, the Gorn initiated the latest Gorn War which only recently ended at the start of 2389. Faced with mounting political pressure with the way the Gorn War was initially handled along with the continuing Klingon Civil War and a resurgent Romulan Empire, President Bezar resigned amidst health problems with her symbiont, necessitating a new Federation President.

The Council is currently in session as the Campaign for the next President is kicking off!