A Christmas Carol – Faltan Station Style

‘Twas less than two weeks before Christmas, and all through Faltan Station

Candy Templeton was prowling looking for news that had gumption.

The stockings were hung and then the Ferengi came there.

As was Santa Claus who came to judge and to stare.

For several months Faltan Station had had a sense of calm.

Because with Commander M’Mira there had been no bomb.

Everything seemed well; even the Falteans has been noticeably quiet

And with recruits arriving, there was improvement in station climate.

However, things never on the station could not stay dull for long.

And the counselor, Kara Quinn-Chaim, thinks something is wrong.

Is she simply experiencing the sensations of a pregnancy hormone?

Or have she and her husband, Tomer, stepped into a new war zone?

Doctor Hudson claims that their unborn child is in no danger.

However, Lieutenant Hudson, never saw Santa come through the hangar!

Commander Jameson wants to forge an alliance with the Romulans

So will the Romulan Ambassador, Telhas, prove they are charlatans?

Lieutenant Radrick and Commander Foster say transporters were not used

And the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant T’Lena is thoroughly confused.

So come one, come all and join in on the writing fun

I can assure you that the chaos here will never be done.

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