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About USS Astraea

In 2384, Astraea was sent out on another five-year exploration mission but returned only one year later, after an away mission gone wrong left Captain O’Reilly unable to continue his duties. A month after her return she was sent out again, this time under the command of Captain Henry Julius, on another 5-year mission of exploration. Three years later, Astraea limped home after a run in with an unknown enemy left her in need of serious repairs. 

Now, after a year of repair and an early refit, Astraea is ready to once again explore the stars. With Captain Julius now on to bigger and better things, Commander Arianna Warren was chosen to be her new Commanding Officer.

Astraea’s home port was reassigned to the newly recommissioned Faltan Station in order to allow her to explore the newly expanded borders of the Sovereignty of Kahless. Her mission is to gather intelligence on the SoK’s movements and the recently defected House of Mo’Kai.