Simulation Information

GM information

  • Game Manager: Amanda Rose (Lieutenant Commander M’Mira)

About Faltan Station

Early 2388 saw Vice Admiral Anin relocate Task Force 93’s headquarters from Faltan Station to Providence Shipyards. This change left Faltan Station surplus to requirements. A small administrative team was left in part of the station with the rest of the station being shutdown as it was no longer required.

Over the course of 2388 and the beginning of 2389 saw a change in power in both the Klingon and Romulan Empires. The Sovereignty Of Kahless grew larger and is close to pushing the Klingon High Council into Civil War. The Free Romulan Movement has also gained momentum in the last year, solidifying the Romulan Government at Rator III to combat the emerging threat to their empire.

With this in mind, Starfleet felt a presence along the eastern edge of the Raeyan Transit Corridor was once again needed. Because of the drastic changes of the theater at RTC and RSB, Starfleet Command orders the creation of the Eighth Fleet, codename The Citadel, that will harbor the interest of the newly explored area. 

Great Captains have seen the theater of Faltan Station change it grounds and importance within the Raeya Transit Corridor and Raeya Sector Block. Captain Refelian, Commander Abigail “Mint” Prescott were the previous Commanding Officers of Faltan Station, Captain Ryoko Takato announced that Faltan Station was going to be abandoned and moved to space. In the transition, Lieutenant Commander M’Mira has been given charge of the station. The last remaining member of the initial people sent to restore Faltan Station, she is now fighting to keep the station on the planet. 

Do you think you have what it takes to help get Faltan Station back to its former glory?