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Ch’Areinnye, “Fortress of Hell” in Romulan, is a Ch’Haven Class base built by the Romulan Star Navy in the Xartos system, located near Ge’tura. This area had always been troublesome for the Romulan Empire due to various local insurgent elements whose effectiveness was enhanced by the close proximity of the lawless Triangle region and the occasional assistance of various Klingon factions.

These insurgent elements seemed to have been finally subdued in the late 2360s after the construction of the massive fortress in the region. The Dominion War, however, proved that the flames of rebellion had merely been banked, not extinguished. In 2375, with the bulk of Romulan forces deployed against the Dominion and their reserves depleted, the citizens of Xartos IV staged a highly organized uprising. Drawing off the base’s Reman Commando forces with strikes in the outer areas of the system, the rebels successfully penetrated the station and subdued it. With it’s resources, they were able to successfully engage and destroy Romulan forces garrisoned on the surface of their world and repel several attempted counter assaults by the Commandos, destroying the latter as an effective combat force in the process.

Over-extended by the War, the Star Navy was not able to mount an effective response until months after the signing of the Treaty of Bajor was signed. By then, it faced a well-entrenched enemy on both the station and the planet, trained and bolstered by Triangle and Klingon mercenaries. The system was successfully retaken only after a nearly year long siege. In the process, both the station and the surface defenses were wrecked and, in places, heavily irradiated.

Wanting to make a definitive statement for the consideration of future dissidents, the Star Navy enslaved tens of thousands of surviving Xartosian citizens and annihilated the remainder with persistent biological weapons designed to render the planet unsuitable for reoccupation. The fate of the battle station was debated for another six months before a decision was made to abandon it. Romulan forces carefully stripped the facility of all useful components. Complete destruction of the physical station was considered, but discarded by a narrow margin as it was felt that the burned out, crater-pocked hulk of the once-powerful base formed another symbol of the might of the Star Navy and the inevitable fate of those who would stand against it. A new base was constructed deeper into the Empire, in a more stable area, and the region was thereafter policed by a reinforced force of warbirds sailing out of the new base. Ch’Areinnye has hung abandoned in space ever since. Periodic sweeps by the Star Navy have cleared out squatters and scavengers, but many learned to slip through the cracks. 

With the ceding of the region to the Federation as part of the Raeyan Transit Corridor in the Treaty of Nelvana, Starfleet conducted a survey of the territory and it’s assets. As an unoccupied system, the terms of the treaty granted unrestricted access to Xartos and all of it’s resources to the Federation. The initial survey determined that, while extensive, the damage to the base as well as to Xartos IV was potentially repairable. Though a daunting task, the potential benefits of developing such a large base in an important strategic position in the corridor was deemed worth the risks. A team was assembled to undertake this task.

This is their story…