Simulation Information

GM information

  • Game Manager: Amanda Rose (The Evil GM)

About Blood and Insanity

Imagine living your nice ordinary life. You could be a college student, an administrative assistant, a politician, a lawyer, a doctor, a sanitary engineer, or anything else you could imagine in modern society. However, you have one passion: You play a video game called Blood and Insanity.

One day, you are playing and a special kill quest is announced. Servers, discords, and chat boards everywhere are buzzing with the impossibility of the quest. Nonetheless, you cannot shy away from it. You have to try it. You and select others have faced off against a pit fiend. However, when you went for the killing blow, something strange happened. Your game controls died. Your screen went blank. Moments later, there was an electrical discharge and you black out.

When you awake, you find yourself in the body of the character that you created for Blood and Insanity. The world that you see resembles that from Blood and Insanity. Are you in the game? Are you alive? Are you dead? How do you get back home?