USS Horizon

Horizon NCC-176A new United Federation of Planets. has entered into creation in the aftermath of the Earth-Romulan War. And with it’s establishment comes a new chapter of galactic history. An era of pioneers and explorers in an untamed galaxy, bearing wonders to excite the imagination, and terrors that can freeze the soul.

With this mandate, vessels that were once warships and people that were once soldiers have thrown down their weapons and have turned their attentions to exploration.

Of these vessels, the lone vessel U.S.S Horizon NCC-176, recently departed from Sigma Iotia II, continue their grand exploration of the galaxy.

U.S.S Horizon is a play-by-post interactive simulation (Sim) set in the year 2168, close to a hundred years before The Original Series pilot “The Cage”

This simulation picks up where the episode leaves off. The Horizon has just left the planet. The crew is continuing its mission of planetary exploration. From this point, Star Trek history gives us a black hole. It’s our goal to roleplay what may have happened between the Horizon’s departure from “A Piece of the Action.” and the distress call.