7th Allied S.O.G.

Set before ANEslmeRLJKyqwu_1_2 New Hope, in the year 2 BBY, Alderaan is a shining beacon for those desiring peace and reprieve from the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance, founded only¬†a few months gone by, is struggling to establish itself, gain foothold, and take the fight to the enemy. But to do that they’ll need to do a lot of things the idealists among them would never condone…

As such, a joint task force of Rebel personnel and Bothan was created. A crack team of top tacticians, hot shot pilots, spies, and covert operatives formed a tight knit network of well equipped and well respected professionals serving the Glorious Rebellion against the tyrannical Emperor and his Imperial minions.

… then they got killed.

Since the Rebels didn’t have scads of those to go around, they let their spy masters choose the next few groups, based less on their stellar capabilities and deep set loyalty to the cause, but for their overall expendability.

The Bothan Spynet, having thrown its support in with the fledgling Rebel Alliance, employs a hidden legion of spies, thieves, assassins, con-men, and all sorts of riff raff the Alliance would not normally associate with… but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Criminals. Traitors. Mercenaries. Out and out thieves and robbers… the dredges of the Spynet, if not the entire galaxy. Half the members are there under threat of death, the other half coerced through other shady means… although here and there you may find a few altruistic souls who have volunteered themselves without knowing the true situation.

Meet the 7th Allied Special Operations Group, aka the Soggies.

Chaos is our business…
…and business is good!